Kirkorov called for the participation Buzova in the contest “Eurovision-2019”

Kirkorov called for the participation Buzova in the contest “Eurovision-2019”

Philip shared his opinion about the possible involvement of Olga Buzova in the song contest “Eurovision-2019”. According to the artist, Buzova has all the necessary qualities for successful performance in the contest.


Singer Philip Kirkorov commented on the rumors about the possible participation of Olga Buzova in “Eurovision-2019”, where it can act as contestants from Russia. According to 51-year-old actor, TV presenter has the necessary qualities to succeed in the main musical contest of Europe.

In the competition everything is possible, if you are interesting, avant-garde and creative. Olga Buzova has all these qualities. Why not? Need to wish her the best of luck, if elected. And wait for the result as a vote for Europe

— the words Kirkorov “StarHit”.

“Eurovision-2019” will take place in Israel from 14 to 18 may next year. The decision about who will protect honor of Russia in the contest, takes a special expert jury.

In 2018 the country at “Eurovision” was represented by singer Yulia Samoilova, who was supposed to participate in the contest in 2017, when the event took place on the territory of Ukraine. Then, however, the performance artist in a music contest prevented the scandal — Samoilov, from an early age confined to a wheelchair, are simply not allowed to Ukraine. The reason for this decision of the Ukrainian authorities was a visit to the girlfriend of Crimea after a referendum on the Peninsula. In the end, Russia in that year the “Eurovision” was not.

Already in 2018, the competition was attended Portugal — and similar problems have Samoilova arose. But, unfortunately, to compete successfully Yulia failed artist who performed the song “I Won’t Break” (“I will not break”), was left without a final, which was previously the country has not happened even once in history. The victory on “Eurovision-2018” was won by the Israeli Netta Barzilai, vpechatlila the audience with the song “Toy” (“Toy”).


Soon after the failure Samoilov admitted that he wanted to cancel the trip to the competition at the stage of preparation.

“I had thought to abandon the “Eurovision”, especially when preparing for the competition was not the way I saw it, she said. — Perhaps my ideas were too vague. But I thought I would be able to cope with this task”.