Western sanctions did not cause the Russians concern

Western sanctions did not cause the Russians concern

Moscow. 6 Dec. INTERFAX.RU — More than half of Russians do not feel concern in connection with the sanctions pressure from the West on Russia, according to the survey “Levada-center”, received by “Interfax”.


According to the survey, 56% of Russians are not worried about sanctions, political and economic nature against Moscow. In turn, 43% of respondents have concerns about this.

Sociologists reported that 79% of respondents consider it necessary for Russia to establish relations with the United States and other Western countries. 16% of respondents believe that this is not necessary, according to “Levada-center”.

About one-third of Russians (31%), according to the survey, relate well to the USA, the opposite was reported by 57% of respondents. The positive attitude towards the EU announced every third Russian (36%), but a negative attitude almost every second (49%), according to “Levada-center”.

In the study, respondents were also asked about their attitude to Ukraine. A positive attitude was reported by 28% of respondents, and negative — 60% of the respondents, according to “Levada-center”. One in ten (11%) Russians found it difficult to answer about her current attitude to Ukraine, said the sociologists.

The survey was carried out on 22 — November 28, on a representative nationwide sample of urban and rural populations of 1,600 people aged 18 years and older, in 136 villages, 52 subjects of the Russian Federation.