The constitutional court rejected the complaint Alexei Navalny

The constitutional court rejected the complaint Alexei Navalny

The constitutional court (CC) refused to consider the complaint Alexei Navalny on the practice of the Supreme court (SC) of article 7 of the law “On personal data”, allowing to refuse to provide citizens with information from the Unified state register of rights to real estate (EGRP).


Published today by the exemption the definition States that because “the administrative proceedings on the suit of the plaintiffs, including A. A. Navalny, was dismissed” and “the question of the legality of the contested actions of Rosreestr of the need to provide information from the USRR on the merits was not allowed,” the application of the contested norm in a particular case with the participation of the opposition “not confirmed”. The decision was made on November 26 in the closed mode. It is the eighth appeal of Alexei Navalny in the COP left without consideration.

Recall that the reason for the complaint was submitted to the applicant by the Federal registration service in 2016 extracts from the unified state register of rights to two houses in the suburban village of Uspenskoe, without information about the right holders of these objects: the names of the owners were encrypted encodings “LSBS” and “ЙФЯУ9”. As reported then, the Fund of struggle against corruption (FBK) Mr. Navalny, Rosreestr thus hid the names of the sons of the Prosecutor General Yuri Chaika Artem and Igor, on which before that was open was the same objects. This was publicly confirmed in September 2016 and Igor Chaika, who said the Agency RNS that had no relation to the classification of data on belonging to him and brother’s property.

The problem of actualized made in July 2017 amendments to the law “On gosohrany” on the classification of personal data of protected persons and members of their families. According to experts, it deprives civil society of the ability to fight corruption and unconstitutional.

Anna Pushkarskaya, St. Petersburg