Scientists have discovered a Salamander with a “tree” on the head

Scientists have discovered a Salamander with a “tree” on the head

The new species is found in swamps in the southern United States.


Researchers have discovered a new species of Salamander Siren reticulata, which have a long spotted body, and protuberances on the head, resembling spruce branches.

This Salamander Breathes Through ‘Christmas Trees’ Growing from Its Head #doglover #lovedogs #puppies

— Manfred Rosenberg (@4PawShop) 6 Dec 2018

Siren reticulata for the first time noticed in the 1970-ies, but mistakenly attributed it to the sight of Siren lacertina. Then, in 2009 and 2014, the scientists came across a few samples. Through genetic examination was able to establish that we are talking about a completely new form. It was described in the journal PLOS ONE.

Nearly 3 Ft long legendary Siren (or some say “Giant Salamander”) – Siren reticulata – discovered in swamps of Florida & Alabama – largest new species found in USA in 100 years ~ @CryptoLoren

— Loren Coleman (@CryptoLoren) 6 Dec 2018

Siren reticulata belongs to the genus siren. She lives in the southern United States in ponds, lakes and swamps. The animal long body of an eel with spots, like a leopard, and only two legs, like all sirens. Due to this, being informed unofficially called the “leopard eel”. From the head Siren reticulata grow “spruce branches” — the processes through which it breathes.

Natural enemies Siren reticulata are snakes, herons and large fish.

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