Lukashenka argued with Putin on gas prices for Belarus

Lukashenka argued with Putin on gas prices for Belarus

Belarusian President Alexander Lukashenko at the meeting of the Supreme Eurasian economic Council has argued with Russian President Vladimir Putin on gas prices for Belarus. The broadcast led TV channel “Russia 24”.


During the meeting, Lukashenko said Belarus gas at the border with Smolensk region costs about $130 for 1 thousand cubic meters, while the price for consumers this area is $70.

“As for the present situation, it is that important, not the tariff, but the final price of gas, which includes this rate… Pay attention to the fact that today the Republic of Belarus $129 per thousand cubic meters, next year will be $127, and in Germany — $250. And it is definitely a big advantage to our allies in the EEC, although, of course, we must strive for a complete unification,” commented Putin’s statement Lukashenko.

The Russian President also noted that if Belarus was not current advantages in the framework of the EAEU, the price of gas was formed on market principles, it would have been $200 instead of $129-127.NewsPeskov said about the future of gas transit through Ukraine

“Vladimir Vladimirovich, is that you have the wrong calculations. We have worse conditions than Germany. I’ve not once said: like the war against Germany together, and our people have not died after the war have such a situation. They (FRG. — RNS) have 200 dollars… because there is still 3 thousand kilometers to the pump is necessary, so their price is so” — said Lukashenko.

Putin, in turn, reiterated that the formation of gas prices according to market principles of gas for Belarus would cost $200, not $129 now. The head of state suggested to discuss the matter behind closed doors.

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