Mysterious cave paintings were a record of a global catastrophe

Mysterious cave paintings were a record of a global catastrophe Scientists of Kent and Edinburgh University (UK) discovered that the famous mysterious rock paintings in the cave of Lascaux (France) created more than 17 thousand years ago, was a way to capture a catastrophic event. This publication reports Science Alert. Upstairs The researchers analyzed ancient drawings depicting animals around the world, including those that were discovered during the megalithic construction of the Göbekli Tepe ruins and the settlement of Catal-hüyük (Turkey), as well as in the caves on the territory of the commune of Montignac (southwest of France). NewsScientists have found in Krasnoyarsk region rock paintings of mythical monsters According to scientists, cave drawings of Scorpions, bulls and lions are actually constellations and were used to record important events. One of the scenes in the cave of Lascaux, located in the area of “mine” represent the image of a falling

The American company gave employees for Christmas pistols

The American company gave employees for Christmas pistols Gift not all were happy. Upstairs BenShot American company, which produces glass tableware, decorated with bullets, decided to give employees at Christmas for the gun. The company gives employees the gun on ChristmasDuring the download an error has occurred. Ben Wolfram, co-owner of the company in city Hortonville, explained that he considers such gifts as an extension of personal security and cohesion of the team. Your business Tungsten started at the garage in 2015. The company quickly achieved success, now Ben has 16 employees. Many of them have never been shot. However, not all workers BenShot happy gift. Two of the employees gave up arms for ideological reasons. His company donated gift certificates. The debate on the law on firearms broke out in the US with new force after the shooting in the synagogue of Pittsburgh on October 27. The victims of

Work in the lab has shown how a bee under an electron microscope

Work in the lab has shown how a bee under an electron microscope Detailed photo shoot he has published in social networks. Upstairs Network user under the nickname Alluminat published an interesting series of pictures of bees. A dead insect, judging by the description, he found a clearing in the lab where he works. At first he wanted to just throw it in the trash, but then he came up with more interesting idea and, “using” official position, he decided to investigate a bee under an electron microscope. The image is first increased in 35 times, and then brought more than a hundred. In the end, the bee can be seen in all the details and even the smallest details. For each photo the user has also left a description of what it depicts: whether it’s a sting, eyes, or hairy insect wings. See also: The blogger showed how the

The state Department urged Europe to carefully follow the sanctions against Russia

The state Department urged Europe to carefully follow the sanctions against Russia WASHINGTON, November 28 — RIA Novosti. Europe needs to make its sanctions imposed against Russia because of the situation around Ukraine, more efficient, said state Department spokesman Heather Nauert. Upstairs “Many European countries have imposed sanctions against Russia over its actions in Crimea in Ukraine. As I said experts, not all of these sanctions are fully implemented. This is one aspect where European countries can do more,” said Nauert at the briefing. We wish our European allies to do more to help Ukraine. The US government takes a very strong stance on her support… I don’t want to say that the United States bear the burden, but they deal with this issue mostly alone. Nauert also said that European countries must go through “Nord stream-2”, needs to think again, if he needed it, as this project “helps the

The Embassy warned the Russians about the mass refusal of entry to Ukraine

The Embassy warned the Russians about the mass refusal of entry to Ukraine MOSCOW, 27 Nov — RIA Novosti. The state border service of Ukraine started to deny Russians entry into the country, according to the website of the Russian Embassy in Kiev. Upstairs However, such failures occur despite the observance of Russian citizens of all requirements noted in the Embassy. “In addition, representatives of the Ukrainian authorities intentionally prolong the duration of test events. From explanations of the reasons for such restrictions, the Ukrainian side has refrained”, — stated in the message. The Embassy has sent the Ukrainian foreign Ministry a note asking for an explanation of the “mass” of non-admission of Russians, and also to stop the “discriminatory actions” by Ukrainian border guards. Previously, the state border service of Ukraine reported that the Agency refused entry to the country more than 75 citizens of Russia in the airports

The Federation Council said that Russia is not planning a war with Ukraine

The Federation Council said that Russia is not planning a war with Ukraine Moscow. 27 Nov. INTERFAX.RU — According to the head of the international Affairs Committee, Konstantin Kosachev, Russian Federation by definition does not consider war with Ukraine as perspective. Upstairs Russia does not consider war as a term in relations with Ukraine, said the head of the Federation Council Committee on international Affairs Konstantin Kosachev. “The President of Ukraine with masochistic pleasure preparing Ukraine for war with Russia, which our country has never, at any stage not seen and, by definition, does not consider how the perspective in the relations with neighbouring Ukraine,” Kosachev told Interfax on Tuesday, commenting on the statement of the President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko about the threat of full-scale war with Russia. Poroshenko is a President of war. He came to power through an armed coup and he will not give up power

User found for family photos unexpected “guest”

User found for family photos unexpected “guest” A bit of imagination, an optical illusion is ready. Upstairs The Network has become a popular family photo, which looks to be not what actually is. This family picture on my fridge looks like a portrait of Jesus when you step far enough away. — 9GAG (@9GAGR) November 27, 2018 Collectionof Optical illusion or an optical illusion Photo published on Reddit, a user under the name Cldcsehunter. He noticed something odd in the pictures on the fridge of their kitchen. It was a typical family photo, but as soon as the man moved away and raspokoval glance, he immediately noticed that the lamp in the photo turned into a silhouette, very reminiscent of the face of Jesus. Optical illusion caught the attention of other users who also noticed these changes. Within hours, the optical illusion became viral and migrated to other

El Mundo (Spain): sleep together

El Mundo (Spain): sleep together “El Mundo” published a small report by journalist Javier colas on the journey to Russia a second-class carriage. He chose not a coupe, and the third-class carriage in which the passengers are asleep, and respect someone else’s dream possible biological functions of the organism. They have dreams in unison, soothed by the throb of the wheels and basic civic vigilance each other. Upstairs It is impossible to go to sleep and Wake up a different person. But you can fall asleep in one place and Wake up hundreds of miles away, not leaving this country. Journey to Russia by train takes you back to the stories about the people, the solution in the vastness of the nineteenth and twentieth centuries. The most indescribable part of this magic will soon disappear forever, because this year, the Railways decided to provide a wagon of the third class

Scientists have described how ants hunt for the heads of enemies

Scientists have described how ants hunt for the heads of enemies They decorate the “spoils” their nests. Upstairs Biologists first approached the solution of the “bounty hunters” among the ants. Formica archboldi is a small red ants, which first opened in 1944 in Florida. It’s been known to adorn their nests with the heads of enemies — ants of the genus Odontomachus. For 60 years, scientists have known that one species of small, rust-colored ant known as Formica archboldi likes to decorate its nests with skulls, or head cases, of several kinds of trap-jaw ants. Jolly Ann (@ThoughtsofStorm) 28 Nov 2018 This behavior has long remained a mystery to scientists. Besides, the ants Odontomachus are usually able to fend for themselves — they have a powerful sting and long claw-mandibles, instantly closing as the traps. View this post in Instagram Publication from ANTSTORE World of Ants (@antstore_world_of_ants) Oct 26, 2018

In Crimea, arrested the detained Ukrainian sailors

In Crimea, arrested the detained Ukrainian sailors The Kiev district court of Simferopol chose a measure of restraint for a further nine Ukrainian sailors, who were detained on November 25 in the Kerch Strait on two artillery boats and towed for illegally crossing the Russian border. Наверх8фотографий8фотографий8фотографий According to “Kommersant” from a court hall, the petition of the Deputy chief of the investigative Department of the FSB of Russia in the Crimea on their arrest till January, 25 was granted. Today was arrested the captain of the second rank Denis Gritsenko (the commander of the expedition, whose parents live in Simferopol) and senior sailor Yuri Bezhyazichniy who went to the Kerch Strait on a boat “Berdyansk”. The commander MBAC “Nikopol” Lieutenant Bogdan Fiction, a member of his command senior sailor Vyacheslav Zinchenko and the employee of SBU Andriy Drach, who at the time of arrest was on the boat. The