Mysterious cave paintings were a record of a global catastrophe

Mysterious cave paintings were a record of a global catastrophe

Scientists of Kent and Edinburgh University (UK) discovered that the famous mysterious rock paintings in the cave of Lascaux (France) created more than 17 thousand years ago, was a way to capture a catastrophic event. This publication reports Science Alert.


The researchers analyzed ancient drawings depicting animals around the world, including those that were discovered during the megalithic construction of the Göbekli Tepe ruins and the settlement of Catal-hüyük (Turkey), as well as in the caves on the territory of the commune of Montignac (southwest of France).

NewsScientists have found in Krasnoyarsk region rock paintings of mythical monsters

According to scientists, cave drawings of Scorpions, bulls and lions are actually constellations and were used to record important events.

One of the scenes in the cave of Lascaux, located in the area of “mine” represent the image of a falling human figure, probably a hunter who mortally wounded the Buffalo. Under the hunter is a bird similar to a duck, and the nearby figure of a rhinoceros, sent the head to the left, as if the animal runs away. In another section of the wall depicted a horse’s head.

Scientists believe that a wounded Buffalo is a constellation of Capricorn at the summer solstice, and the duck — the Libra constellation during the spring equinox. Other animals can be identified with a lion and a Calf. The arrangement of the figures indicates approximately 15150 year BC. At about this time there was global climate change, which could be caused by a comet collision with the Earth.