User found for family photos unexpected “guest”

User found for family photos unexpected “guest”

A bit of imagination, an optical illusion is ready.


The Network has become a popular family photo, which looks to be not what actually is.

This family picture on my fridge looks like a portrait of Jesus when you step far enough away.

— 9GAG (@9GAGR) November 27, 2018

Collectionof Optical illusion or an optical illusion

Photo published on Reddit, a user under the name Cldcsehunter. He noticed something odd in the pictures on the fridge of their kitchen. It was a typical family photo, but as soon as the man moved away and raspokoval glance, he immediately noticed that the lamp in the photo turned into a silhouette, very reminiscent of the face of Jesus.

Optical illusion caught the attention of other users who also noticed these changes. Within hours, the optical illusion became viral and migrated to other social networks.

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