The Israeli army will continue operations in Syria

The Israeli army will continue operations in Syria

TEL AVIV, September 25 — RIA Novosti. Military-political Cabinet of Israel has ordered the army to continue operations against Iranian forces in Syria, while maintaining coordination with Russian colleagues, said in a statement following the meeting of the forum of key Ministers.


The Cabinet discussed the situation in connection with the complication of relations with Russia following the crash of Il-20 videoconferencing, which was last week shot down by Syrian air defense in repelling Israeli airstrike on target near Latakia.

In the fall of 2015 between Russia and Israel, which operates a communication mechanism, which is designed to protect them from accidental collisions and other dangerous incidents during the operations in Syria, where the Israelis regularly attack the objects of the military presence of Iran and its satellites.

The incident with the Il-20
Russian Il-20 was shot down on 17 September, when he returned to the base Hamim. At the same time, four Israeli F-16s attacked the Syrian objects in Latakia.

According to the defense Ministry under the guise of Russian aircraft, the Israeli pilots set him up to strike Syrian air defenses. Died fifteen Russian military.

While Israel did not warn the Russian command about the planned operation. Shoigu said that the blame for the Downing of the Il-20 and the death of the crew lies entirely on the Israeli side. After that, Russia announced that it will deliver to Damascus the s-300 to protect the Russian military in Syria.

Israel denies his guilt and puts the onus on Damascus, Iran and the Lebanese movement “Hezbollah”.