The find of the decade: in Portugal have found a sunken 400 years ago the ship

The find of the decade: in Portugal have found a sunken 400 years ago the ship

Archaeologists have discovered near the coast of Portugal sunk 400 years ago a merchant ship. Historians have called the discovery the “discovery of the decade”.


“From the point of view of historians, the discovery of the decade. As for Portugal, this is the most important discovery in the history”, — said the Agency Reuters, the head of the archaeological expedition of Jorge Freire.

The ship was discovered at a depth of 12 meters near the town of Cascais, near Lisbon.

Around the wreck are scattered ceramic vessels, spices, and guns with the arms of Portugal.

Archaeologists suggest that the ship was returning from India and sank between 1575 and 1625 years.

It was during this period Portugal controlled much of trade between Europe and India.

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According to Freire, was found on the seabed objects and the remains of the ship is extremely well preserved.

At the bottom of the sea discovered Chinese porcelain of the late XVI — early XVII centuries, a bronze cannon, and cowrie shells that were used in those days in the Indian ocean area in the form of currency.

Representatives of the municipality of Cascais, stated that the wreck was discovered in early September, during works on clearing the mouth of the river Tagus.

Mayor Carlos Carreiras said in an interview with the Guardian newspaper that it was “an amazing discovery” which will strengthen, in his words, “local identity.”

Archaeological studies in this area are for 10 years with the financial assistance of the municipality of Cascais, government of Portugal, the Navy of the country, as well as the New University in Lisbon.

The Minister of culture of Portugal Luis Mendes said that the mouth of the river Tagus is known that there was sinking many ships.

“This discovery confirms it,” he said.