Landlords lure out of the shadows

Landlords lure out of the shadows

Moscow mayor Sergei Sobyanin has already said that capital is ready to apply a new mechanism of tax self-employed. How risky is it to rent an apartment “quasi-legally”? As these landlords will know tax?


FNS reported that the citizens who give shelter will be able to pay the tax for self-employed at the rate of 6%. Now you have to pay 13% or the same 6% but if you make SP. Tax ready to simplify the process: it is enough to download the mobile application on the smartphone.

Arkady is one of those who could benefit from a new way of paying tax, but now lives in his odnushke in Moscow itself. And when he passed, information on how simple it is to make, nowhere to be found.

— Passed by personal arrangement with the tenants, never issued. It was a lot easier.

— A policeman once came to meet with the tenants?

— No, nobody was there. According to the tenants but the management company didn’t see anyone for the entire period of tenancy.

Among those who rents apartments “quasi-legally”, it is believed that the visit of the district is one of the major risks to get into the field of view of tax. Therefore, tenants severely punished the door to anyone not tear, and if submitted by relatives.