Fox in the Caucasian reserve was stolen from foresters utensils and knives

Fox in the Caucasian reserve was stolen from foresters utensils and knives

KRASNODAR, September 19. /TASS/. Three cups, three knives and a bowl Fox stole from the camp in the Eastern Department of the Caucasian reserve. On Wednesday reported on the website of the Caucasian state natural biosphere reserve named after Shaposhnikova.


“Our tent was near the lake Alous, and one night we were awakened by a strange noise. Peeping out of the tent, we saw a Fox, which hosted the camp, turning up bags of supplies, rattled cups, and not very afraid of us and light the lanterns. When we came to evaluate the damage, it turned out that the Parking lot was gone, almost all the dishes are: three cups, three knives, two salt shakers and a bowl of”, — quotes the press-service of the word Junior researcher reserve Christine Bibinou.

According to the press service, the reserve is inhabited by three foxes caught stealing things, fish and periodically making forays into chicken coops. Once a Fox even took the kettle, according to the reserve staff.NewsHawaiian turtle defeated the house of his master (video)

As explained TASS the press-Secretary of the reserve Olga Turusheva, eyewitnesses of the incident became scientific staff, published another account of the animals.

Flora of the Caucasian reserve has about 3 thousand species of unique plants, fauna, 89 species of mammals, 248 species of birds, 15 species of reptiles, nine species of amphibians, 21 species of fish, over 100 species of molluscs and about 10 thousand species of insects. Many species of animals listed in the Red book of the Russian Federation. The reserve is inhabited by bison, deer, brown bear, West Caucasian Tur, chamois, lynx, ROE deer and wild boar. In July 2016, the reserve has released the first trailer.

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