On the tree in Denmark grew a “brain”

On the tree in Denmark grew a “brain”

To determine the exact name of the fungus has not yet succeeded.


Residents of the small town of Paste in the municipality of Vordingborg, Denmark, on a tree found an unusual mushroom-shaped brain.

Pictures of a fungus, common in social networks, similar to pictures from movies about zombies.

This looks bizarre ? https://t.co/YsHg8Jt1Sr

— Metro (@MetroUK) November 18, 2018

Mushroom saw a local resident Mette, Nasgaard 39, vygulivaya his dog. “I’ve never seen anything like this,” she said.

Pictures of the findings, Nasgaard placed in the community of the hunters with a request to help identify an unusual mushroom. Between community members immediately began a dispute.

Allegedly some users, this may be one of the types of ejevika — “bleeding tooth”, or Hydnellum peckii. During active growth it allocates a red, transparent liquid similar to blood.

According to others, it is deformed pechenocna, or Fistulina hepatica.

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