The Syrian army cut off ISIS access to water

The Syrian army cut off ISIS access to water

The terrorist groups in southern Syria were left without sources of drinking after the occurrence on them of the government army. This writes the newspaper Al-Masdar News. It has also published a video of the attack.


The Syrian Arab Army (SAA) reported that the offensive launched in the region of As-Safa in the province of as-Suwayda recaptured from the militants of the “Islamic state” (ISIS, a terrorist group banned in Russia) their last source of drinking water.

According to Al-Masdar News, the loss on the part of terrorists ISIS has made more than 20 people, including five snipers.

Armed conflict in Syria began in 2011. It involves government forces, acting on the side of President Bashar al-Assad, against them — the moderate opposition and various Islamist groups. In recent months, reports of a truce and the surrender of weapons by the militants or the defeat of their forces appear more often. The only region of the country, which is still not controlled by the government, remains the Northern province of Idlib.