Zakharov told about the fiasco of Western countries in Libya

Zakharov told about the fiasco of Western countries in Libya

Moscow, September 13 — RIA Novosti. Clashes and the recent terrorist attack in Libya are an example of “absolute fiasco of Western countries” in geopolitical modeling, said the official representative of Russian foreign Ministry Maria Zakharova.


“Despite the efforts of the UN mission support in Libya, which are aimed at restoring law and order in the Libyan capital, in some of its regions periodically there are new clashes between separate armed groups”, — the diplomat said at a briefing.

She recalled the attack, which occurred Monday in the office of the National oil Corporation in Tripoli. The explosion killed two people and injured dozens.

Zakharova noted that such actions once again point to the urgent need for unity of all responsible forces of Libya to fight against terrorists.

“A clear tragic example of the absolute failure of the experiment of the Western countries for geopolitical simulation”, — said the official representative of the foreign Ministry.

Clashes between rival armed groups began in Tripoli on August 26. In the conflict involved on the one hand the members of the so-called “Seventh infantry brigade” claiming to have formed a national consensus government, the Ministry of defense of Libya. Almost all the soldiers of the brigade — came from the city of Tarragon, located in several tens kilometers to the South-East of Tripoli.

Soldiers of Tarragon are opposed by groups calling themselves the “Xinjiang Tripoli” (revolutionaries of Tripoli), formally included in the Ministry of internal Affairs of the national consensus government. Members of the “Xinjiang Tripoli” come from the Libyan capital.