The state Department has promised Russia of tough new sanctions because of “the things Skrypalia” in November

The state Department has promised Russia of tough new sanctions because of “the things Skrypalia” in November

Russia was not allowed to conduct an inspection to verify the country’s chemical weapons and has not provided United States a “verifiable assurances” in the rejection of its use in the future.


This was stated by assistant Secretary of state for economic Affairs of Manish Singh at the hearings in the us house of representatives, reports Bloomberg. In this regard, the US is preparing to introduce in November a second more stringent round of sanctions because of “the things Skrypalia”.

Earlier gosdepartamenta, the United States supported the UK position and was blamed for the poisoning of the former GRU Colonel Sergei Skripal and his daughter Julia in English Salisbury on the Russian authorities. In late August, the United States fought against Russia, the first package of sanctions according to the law on the control of chemical and biological weapons from 1991

“We are planning to introduce a very serious second round of sanctions in accordance with the law,” said Singh. She said that the deadline comes in November.

Singh stressed that the international community should not tolerate “behavior that we have seen from Russia, especially in the poisoning and murder of its citizens.”

Announced in late August, the first package of sanctions provides for a ban on the sale of Russian weapons and any defense products, and financing of such transactions and provision of loans from US government institutions.

The second stage of sanctions, the state Department promised to introduce in three months, if Russia undertakes not to use chemical weapons in the future and will not agree to the “field of inspection facilities by experts of the UN.” In the second phase we will focus on lowering the level of diplomatic relations, a ban on flights of “Aeroflot” in the USA and actual cessation of exports and imports between countries.

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