New challenge makes adults to ignore children

New challenge makes adults to ignore children

The kids start to believe in something that does not exist.


The Internet is gaining popularity rather ambiguous flashmob #MagicForHumansChallenge.

well that escalated quickly

— makayla cunningham☕ I (@_makaylaanne__) September 8, 2018.

Parents offer their child to participate in a “focus”. They seated him on a chair and cover for a few seconds in the sheets. Mother and father claim that when you remove a sheet, the child will disappear.

I highly recommend that everyone turns their siblings invisible HAHAHAH

— DAVID DOBRIK (@DavidDobrik) on 6 September 2018.

When the sheet is removed, all the relatives pretend there’s no baby. A victim of “focus” for some time refers to elders, but to no avail. Soon the child begins to believe that he’s disappeared or became invisible. Everything that happens is filmed.

Many small children believe in their “disappearance”, start to cry and scream.

If youre having a bad day, you should definitely open this???♀ app

— Stevie Barnett ? (@yulissac48) on 6 September 2018.

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