In Egypt opened for tourists the tomb with the “wedding” of crocodiles (video)

In Egypt opened for tourists the tomb with the “wedding” of crocodiles (video)

She is about 4.5 thousand years.


In Egypt for the first time opened to visitors the tomb of Mehu, which is located in the necropolis of the village of Saqqara, 30 km South of Cairo.

It is the oldest necropolis of the capital of the Ancient Kingdom of Memphis.

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The vizier Mehu lived during the VI dynasty, about 2300 years before our era. He served the Pharaoh Piopi and carried around 48 titles. They are all deposited on the walls of the tomb.

Tomb of Mehu has a spacious hall with three rows of columns six in each. In the center of the room is a granite table for bringing the gifts.

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On the walls of tombs and numerous inscriptions and drawings, including a unique image of two crocodiles mating. Here he is depicted hunting scenes and acrobatic dancing.

The tomb was discovered in 1940, but only now opened it to the public. The Egyptian authorities hope that such measures will help to attract tourists to the country, the flow of which has decreased dramatically after the political upheaval of 2011 and the crash of the Russian aircraft in 2015.

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