A former teacher has taught the cat to stand-up paddle classes

A former teacher has taught the cat to stand-up paddle classes

Noodle sent him on a journey through the river.


72-year-old Nigel Edmunds of the town of Brightlingsea in the UK so inseparable from her cat even takes her classes stand-up paddle classes.

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— Metro (@MetroUK) 10 Sep 2018

Edmunds is a former math teacher and grandfather of four grandchildren. After retirement, he began to enjoy water sports. Four years ago, Nigel fell in love with standup paddleboarding are — a kind of surfing where the surfer stands on a Board and rowing with a paddle.

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The Singapore cat breed named Noodle, which means “noodles,” was his companion by accident. As Edmunds saw his wife Jackie with friends on the beach. He said he now will join him, landing on the Board, and take a Noodle with you. Jackie started to protest, assuring her husband that there is no need to frighten the cat. But Noodle was acting as if nothing had happened.

Since Noodle is always accompanied by Nigel in his river journeys. She never panics and is not afraid of water. Sometimes Edmunds departs from home to a distance of three miles (almost 5 km). While traveling Noodle climbs onto his shoulders and carefully considering everything that comes their way.

Initially the cat was bought as a gift for Jackie. But Noodle had other, becoming an inseparable companion for Nigel.

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