Medvedev did not rule out further adjustments of the pension legislation

Medvedev did not rule out further adjustments of the pension legislation

MOSCOW, September 11. /TASS/ — the Prime Minister stated that to postpone the decision on pensions would be unfair to future generations.


Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev did not rule out that decisions made now to change the pension legislation in the future may be adjusted. He said this when discussing the proposals of the “United Russia” on amendments to pension legislation.

“Maybe something even will have to amend the [pension law], — said the head of the Cabinet. — This should be ready.” He stressed that after the adoption of the amendment now under discussion will closely follow the work of these novels.

We have just come from reality and to respond to those problems that may arise. And not to lighten up, and to make decisions.Dmitry Medvediev government

In particular, he urged to follow the labour market, the changing relationships of employees with employers, and “generally to have a full picture of how people feel themselves in terms of changes in the pension legislation”.

The party Chairman noted that the legislation of a number of regions can appear the norm, preserving the current benefits for pensioners in the transition period, including free public transportation, benefits for medications, payment of utilities and major repairs. “To date, the party has introduced such initiatives in 65 regional Legislative assemblies and regional parliaments,” he added.

Medvedev stressed that the government will prepare regulations to implement the proposals of Russian President Vladimir Putin and “United Russia” in the sphere of pension legislation. “We will need to establish control on the ground,” — said the head of government.

Medvedev also said that changing the pension system is necessary to postpone the decision on this issue would be simply unfair.

He noted that the meeting is timed to the beginning of the autumn session of the state Duma and a number of initiatives on the pension bill. Medvedev stressed that in June the “United Russia” took the decision to work on this document for the second reading was the most open and based on full public discussion.

Let’s face it: we in the party came from the fact that to change the parameters of the pension system it is necessary that this difficult decision is still held, because to push it from our side — I mean the responsibility, even to future generations — it would be just unfair.Dmitry Medvedevputin-Minister

Medvedev recalled that during the General party discussion was considered all possibilities for position changes, including in the direction of easing; “was taken into account opinions of public organizations, experts, and representatives of some other parties to adjust the package [of bills] from the point of view of social justice.” Based on this, as he noted, the “United Russia” was prepared with concrete proposals that “are reflected, which is especially valuable in the complex of measures, which was announced by the President” Vladimir Putin in a televised address on August 29.