“Marusya” from Africa. Dark-skinned students sing Cossack songs

“Marusya” from Africa. Dark-skinned students sing Cossack songs

Eight years ago in Krasnodar appeared one of a kind folk group “Marusia”. The participants, black artists from Africa, sing Cossack songs. Why do some group love and others hate — the material Aephi.

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Imagine that on the scene a dozen men and women in traditional Cossack clothes, who sings a song “Unharnessed, boys, horses.” This picture in Russia hardly someone will surprise, and Kuban — and even more so. But what if rosy Cossacks and Cossack women to replace black artists, besides singing with a noticeable accent?

The idea was born eight years ago in the local Agency engaged in organization of holidays. Who worked there as an animator black student from Africa once sang on a piece of paper the chorus of the famous Cossack song “Marusya one, two, three”. And it’s suddenly very encouraged by all present.

“First, of course, we all smiled, — says the artistic Director of the folk group “Marusia” Paul Chelakhov. But at the same time, we realized that there is something good that it is interesting and catchy. Was attracted by the unusual sound of a familiar text presented by a foreigner. Although there articulation, and the vocals aren’t what you need, but for some reason believe them. That’s the paradox! We decided to develop this idea.”

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Problems with a set of artists arose. They were found in the Krasnodar high schools, attended by many students from African countries. In “Marusya” hit future oil, programmers, engineers, builders and representatives of other professions. Among them were not only professional musicians, but it does not bother anyone. According to Paul Chelehova, folk songs are not from the conservatories, and therefore, it can be performed by ordinary people. Although this does not mean that they approached the creation of the group carelessly.

“For my first speech, which was at the wedding, the group was preparing for a long time, — continues Paul Chelakhov. — Rehearsals lasted a few months. And, of course, all worried. It was not clear how it works, meet us, work the idea or not. But when we came on the scene, it was a triumph. All the spectators clapped and was in awe of the performances. Then we realized that the project should continue. Even the guys were motivated, they were eager again to feel this emotional high”.

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Since “Mary” performs regularly at weddings, birthdays, corporate and special celebrations. Often black artists invited to sing and dance in the Kuban region, although frequent and long trips, including abroad. The team brought their creativity to Moscow, visited Novosibirsk and Nizhnekamsk, Rostov-on-don, Yalta, Astana.

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Once the group was invited to perform at the event in Kazakhstan, which was attended by the President of the country Nursultan Nazarbayev. But the way it turned out that the soloist had forgotten to take his suit. All very very worried. In the end, decided that the girl in jeans would sing from behind the scenes. But when the audience heard a female voice, I was surprised and began to ask questions. Had to put it as it is. In the end, the soloist was asked to go on stage, where she continued to sing.

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Not just “Marusya” was exciting and forced to spread out into smiles even the stern men in uniform.

“When we’re going to be somewhere in a van, and we pulled over for a violation, never fined, says Paul Chelakhov. — Constantly going on one and the same picture. As soon as the inspector approaches the van and peers inside, we immediately begin to sing. As a rule, fulfill our corona song “Unharnessed, boys, horses.” The amazed faces of the police at such moments you have to see. They then call their colleagues all come and watch our concert.”