Astronaut Procopius showed how to patch a hole on the ISS

Astronaut Procopius showed how to patch a hole on the ISS

Russian cosmonaut Sergei Prokopiev recorded a video message in which he commented on the recent incident with the discovery of the hole in a manned spacecraft “Soyuz-МС09”.


On 29 August it became known that the ISS suddenly began to slowly lose air, then the crew with the help of the ultrasonic device was discovered drilled into the hull hole next to the sewage disposal device. The astronauts taped his first special kapetanovo tape, then sealant, currently the hole is completely patched. Now the main question — who drilled a hole, to answer this question at RSC Energia, a special Commission.

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“As you can see, we are peaceful here without space suits, one finger on plug, — said cosmonaut, inside the orbital module of the Soyuz spacecraft. — In the evening of the same day we put the first layer of two-component sealant is certified, the next day the second and third layer… Now the household compartment is completely sealed, we can work”.

As noted Prokopiev, currently the experiments are conducted in a regular mode, in a relaxed atmosphere.

Earlier Roscosmos promised to make public the results of the investigation in mid-September and advised the media not to use anonymous sources of information.