As chef Jamie Oliver caught the robber

As chef Jamie Oliver caught the robber

The famous English chef Jamie Oliver’s own hand detained the malefactor who tried to enter his home in the prestigious London district of Highgate.


Oliver with his wife and five children was at home in his mansion valued at 8 million pounds, when he heard a strange noise. Out on the street, he saw a stranger trying to get into his house.

“Jamie was just beside himself, he rushed in pursuit of this man,” says one of the neighbors.

NewsPolice from Australia showed a very bad sketch of robber

43-year-old Oliver caught up to the hapless thief and knocked him to the ground. The scene by the noise the neighbors have to call the police, but Jamie held him until, until they drove the outfit. The man who, according to the British press, previously tried to get into other homes on this street were detained and taken to the police station.

On this street is reportedly home to several celebrities, including supermodel Kate moss and actor Jude law. Due to this incident, Oliver was the hero of the day among his neighbors, who praised the chef for his courage and dedication, giving comments to the local media.