Twitter staged a flash mob on “fattening the Muscovites”

Twitter staged a flash mob on “fattening the Muscovites”

The trigger was the message anonymous user from Yekaterinburg, who has complained that people in the regions “survive”, and Muscovites “every day showered with metro stations and zaryadami”.


A user with the nickname “Genomes” describes an almost apocalyptic picture of life in the regions. Either you’re a “corporate rat” and kill the health for a salary of 20-30 thousand, or work anywhere, almost begging, starving, but at least “LIVE.” At the same time Moscow, according to Genomes, “awash in opportunities and prospects”.

The reaction is obvious: some argue or agree, but most of them just jokingly describe luxury life of ordinary Muscovites.

On the train from Khimki to Moscow when you enter, then immediately the climate control in the car turn on, hoarse guitarists alternate on the string Quartet, the conductors carry the champagne.

— useless generation (@ryc9ka) 5 Sep 2018

Today at work the boss came by, distracted me from the seat in the tweet, apologized, hesitate pushed me a bill of 5000 and asked me to send him my report for yesterday. I took the money, said to me once. He blushed, lowered his eyes and left. Love Moscow.

— Zoibana (@vedrosyan) 5 Sep 2018

When I lived in St. Petersburg, I was told repeatedly that all the money in Moscow. Arrived in Moscow, I came out of the bus and then trip on something. It was a bundle of dough. The wipers do not have time to clean, Muscovites are removed from packs the latest bills, the rest is thrown onto the pavement.

— Matveev Yan (@IanMatweew) 5 Sep 2018

In Moscow to live comfortably. For any service(taxi, coffee, etc) I just give five thousandth dollar bill. It the person does not need at such wages, but still nice – the kids play or the kitten in the tray to throw.

— ⚡Nicholas Lambert (@NikolassLambert) 5 Sep 2018

Some residents of regions, and even surprised: “Wait, Moscow really exists?” Someone comes with a warning:

Muscovites, those five-thousandth bills that you throw on the street, the pigeons take their bread, choke on them and die.

— Moose (19,6) (@poooovar) 5 Sep 2018

A lot of references to a recent seminar Tony Robbins:

I want to ask the residents of the regions, I think that Muscovites zazhralis. Guys, what’s stopping you to fly to a lecture by Tony Robbins in the Olympic 30K and just to know that the problem is only in yourself?

Mr. hedonist (@GoshaDich) 5 Sep 2018

Say, having been in Moscow, Tony Robbins said sadly: “I can motivate people who have a social card of a Muscovite?”

— Walkowicz (@d_valkovich) 5 Sep 2018

There are historical references:

As legend has it, Peter the great left Moscow to found St. Petersburg only because of the fact that he didn’t have enough money to live in Moscow

— MAXIM (@ru_maximonline) 5 Sep 2018

Finally, one of the users if completes the discussion on a sobering note:

If Moscow is so rich, why are so sad?

— Tea with cakes (@redpryanik) 5 Sep 2018