The man ran away from police, but was in “captured by the algae”

The man ran away from police, but was in “captured by the algae”

He had to ask the guards for help.


When Abraham Duarte was running from police in the city of Cape coral, Florida, he went through something worse than detention.

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Duarte was speeding on the highway, but refused to stop on request of police. For some time the patrol chased the intruder. The driver, seeing that is unable to outrun the cops, ditched the car and jumped into the channel, hoping to escape quickly out of sight.

The longer Duarte tried to swim, the worse his position. In the end he had to ask the police for help.

The channel was inhabited by cyanobacteria is a large blue-green bacteria, which have previously been erroneously referred to as algae. Some species are toxic and lead to fish kills, poisoning of animals and humans. Producing the cyan toxins, they cause damage to the liver, skin, nervous system.

The police came to the aid of the unlucky intruder. He was helped out of the water and drenched from a hose. And then detained.

According to police, a car from a Duarte was a banned substance. That’s why he tried to escape.

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