The appearance of holes in the side of the “Union” suspected astronaut

The appearance of holes in the side of the “Union” suspected astronaut

State Duma Deputy, former astronaut and member of expedition to ISS consisting of Maksim Suraev in an interview to “Moscow speaking” said that the lining of the spacecraft Soyuz in Earth orbit could damage a crew member.


In his opinion, the damage was not so great. It was possible as-that to compensate, but then obviously had to make an early descent to Earth people.

“Maybe just someone’s bad and tired, that they drilled this hole and wanted to go home early,” said Suraev and urged to await the findings of the Commission.

The former cosmonaut did not rule out that this incident can be the conflict that arose between people in orbit or mental problems on one of them.

We had a serious good powerful system, which was called psychological selection of astronauts, cosmonauts compatibility, compatibility of the crew. Of course, it now exists, but it is absolutely not what it was in the Soviet Union.Maxim Sureveport of the state Duma, the astronaut and former member of the expedition to the ISS

Earlier, the head of Roscosmos, Dmitry Rogozin, said that one of the versions of PE on the Russian ship are deliberate actions of the astronaut. “One can say that the impact was uncertain hand, that is, we can reduce the assumption that it was some kind of technological error some specialist. There is a sliding drill on the surface,” — said Rogozin.

About air leak on the “Soyuz”, docked to the International space station in Earth orbit, it became known on August 30. The investigation deals with the special Commission. At the moment it is established that “Union” was damaged by a meteorite.