The British “ganged up” on the smiling guy on the subway

The British “ganged up” on the smiling guy on the subway

And pelted him with negative comments.


Big cities full of stress and public transport in General is very sad and uncomfortable place. Decided though a little to correct the situation and add a positive in the gray days of London resident Glen Freeman organized a campaign called #SmilesOnTheLines (“Smile in the subway”). Day positive he chose the 25th of September.

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The idea of Glenn’s simple — he wanted to make the world a little kinder and more fun, to see people smile to each other, and their mood improved. The guy was making a page in social networks, self-made posters with explanations and the right hashtag and went to subway. Some British people supported him and talked about the good idea in social networks. That’s just the more people found out about Glen and his campaign, the more negativity was coming at him.

Looks like there are #SmilesOnTheLines on Platform 9 3/4 for #FantasticBeasts We’d love to see Jude Law on a train or platform for our event generating 1 million shared smiles in London on the 25th September

— Smiles On The Lines (@smilesontheline) September 1, 2018

Depressed the British did not want to smile “on command” and without a special occasion. Many expressed dissatisfaction with the fact that the guy supposedly indicates that they should do. And anyway, the subway was for many a place of “mourning”, but because to smile nobody is going.

However, Freeman is not discouraged and hopes that people will become kinder and will join it to the day of smiles.

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I’ll smile ONLY if you PAY ME. ??????????
Seems fair, since we’re doing you a favour. ??????#SmilesOnTheLines

— Ms.Nikita™? it’s amazing(っ◔◡◔)っ❤ this (@MsNikitaTV) September 4, 2018

I will smile only if you paid me. Seems fair, after all, we’re doing you a favor.

Yes, forcing emotions on people is always a good idea… Could someone not just start a campaign to make people more polite instead? That’s what commutes really need. #SmilesOnTheLines

— Debbie (@Deborah_Deborah) September 4, 2018

Yes, the imposition of emotions people is always a good idea … Could someone start a campaign to make people more polite? This is something that really needs to be done.

#SmilesontheLines ? when it’s 1000 degrees and your stuck underground in a metal container with no air con pressed against sweaty people?! The heat must have got to this dude ?

— Andy (@dm0n) September 4, 2018
Smile, when the temperature is 1000 degrees and you’re stuck underground in a metal case, pressed to sweaty people. Should be, this guy’s got heat stroke.

Oh, marvellous. Another man who thinks he’s entitled to demand people smile for him. How about “no”? #SmilesOnTheLines

— rosamundi (@rosamundi) September 4, 2018

Oh, wonderful! Another person who thinks people owe him smile. How about no?

Got the tube today , didn’t smile at anyone , didnt talk to anyone , nobody cared. So bollocks to this Smiles on the lines nonsense #GoAway #SmilesontheLines

— tom (@tomgor) September 3, 2018

Went to subway today, no one smiled, no one talked, no one cares. So the imposition of this smile.

Do not talk to me on the tube. Do not tell me to smile. Leave me alone, unless we are in an emergency situation and you need to give me information. Otherwise, do not disturb #SmilesOnTheLines

— Magic Money Tree ? (@charlottor) September 3, 2018

Don’t talk to me in the subway. Don’t tell me to smile. Leave me alone, unless we are in an emergency situation, and you don’t need to tell me information. Otherwise, don’t bother me.

A guy trying 2do something nice & positive, yet reading these comments people still have something negative to say, says a lot about the world we live in

Maybe we should all try & be a bit nicer to each other ?

Good luck with #SmilesOnTheLines ?

(Cue more negativity)

— Sheena Watts (@Sheena81) September 3, 2018

The guy is trying to do something nice and positive, but reading these negative comments, I understand the world in which we live. Maybe we all just need a little bit to try and be kinder to each other?

And why not! #SmilesOnTheLines Glen Freeman’s ( @TravelAddict888 ) got the right idea. #travel #happy

— Scott Thompson (@thomsc) September 3, 2018

Why not? Glen Freeman was a great idea.