Riding without “spikes” and 50 shades of CTP: what to expect in September

Riding without “spikes” and 50 shades of CTP: what to expect in September

Expensive insurance, new and colorful markings and other innovations, which will have to get used to with the beginning of autumn.


Fall 2018 promises car enthusiasts a series of legislative initiatives. It is planned to make insurance more expensive, and his absence is automatically fined. To cancel the mark “Spikes” that are faster to repair the road and add to the markup colors. With a part planned for a season of Standards, innovations and innovation we are already familiar, but some will have to accept and learn from 1st September. What are the drivers and pedestrians with the onset of autumn — in the material of the portal iz.ru.

“Disabled”: personal sign

The Ministry of labor and social security promises to intervene in the procedure for obtaining the identification mark “Disabled person”. So, since September 4, a familiar yellow sticker will be replaced by a fundamentally new one. Will look like the sign is unclear, but we know that he will be personalised and can be used on multiple vehicles, which are controlled or which moves with a disability. So, on the front and back parts of a new sign should appear on the name of the winner, documents confirming the disability, its group and period, and a unique identification props.

To obtain a new sign will be exclusively in Federal mediko-social examination of the place of residence (residence or actual residence) — where a disabled person (a disabled child) is re-examination. Registration takes place within one month after submission of the application, receiving the plate — in a single day.

It is assumed that innovations will improve the situation with Parking for disabled in cities and reduce the number of abuses. At the moment, classic yellow badge “Disabled”, which entitles you to free Parking available in the open market, and without errors to determine the legality of installing it on the car problematic.

CTP: complicated and expensive

The rising cost of insurance, and the more complex calculations discussed in the beginning of the year. And since the fall of the innovations come into force. On the one hand, to base rates expands the tariff corridor: now, the maximum threshold can be increased to 800 rubles (from 4118 to 4942 rubles), and the minimum reduced to 680 (from 3432 to 2746 rubles).

On the other — taking into account a number of factors are projected significant growth in the cost of insurance policies: 5,800 to 7 thousand rubles on average. This “help” and a more flexible scheme of calculation of the coefficients, incorporating 50 parameters of the age/experience of drivers instead of the current five.

Plus in this case, the possibility of reducing the price of insurance for drivers with good experience. Another plus to the motor — history of the driver: it has the factor will not burn, even if the driver of the year will not be issued a policy.