In Egypt have discovered the remains of a village tafaraoui era

In Egypt have discovered the remains of a village tafaraoui era

The joint Egyptian-French archaeological mission, headed by Dr. Frederick Gaio, found in the tell El-Samara province of dakahlia governorate in the North of Egypt the remains of a village Dating back to the reign of the pharaohs.


As the press service of the Ministry of Affairs of antiquities of Egypt, the importance of this discovery is due to the fact that these finds, which belong to the Neolithic period, have never met on this site. Only found the settlement of this era is the city of SAIs.

“The discovery allows archaeologists to study prehistoric communities that lived in the Nile Delta prior to the reign of the first dynasty of the pharaohs (III Millennium BC. —,” — said the head of sector of the ancient Egyptian monuments Aiman Ashmawy.

According to him, in the place of the ancient settlement the remains of the walls of buildings and storage grains, fragments of vessels, bones of domestic animals, which suggests that the ancient Egyptians knew the basics of agriculture.

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In July, archaeologists discovered in the Egyptian city of Alexandria black sarcophagus, three mummies. They also found a fragment of a statue of the man of marble and some other artifacts.

In February, there was found a large necropolis of the eight tombs in 300 km from Cairo. Inside the sarcophagus — 17 mummies in perfect condition, amulets, amphorae, gold jewelry and utensils.