Broader relationship

Broader relationship

As information technology changed the institution of marriage.


Giant industry Internet Dating ready for new impressive achievements — they are associated with an expected yield on the market of large social networks. In fact, people are still trying to find happiness, avoiding in this way errors. Digital technologies give them great help, while successful monetization of romance.

Experts speaking about how much the Internet has changed the picture of the world, be sure to mention the new features build personal relationships — how people find their partners.

The figures are impressive — in the world each month 200 million people are using services, so to speak, of digital Dating.

In 1990-ies a way to find a mate was considered weird. And now a third of marriages in the United States is the result of online Dating, and this method quickly catches up with Dating in the offline — what the Americans call “a friend of a friend” (let’s say someone is the girl his buddy: “meet John, he is a businessman”).

In the physical world people get together, using some network families, colleagues, friends, and points of public catering. However, similarly, you can find a few dozen potential partners while using Internet. You could even say that online Dating has dealt a severe blow to bars and restaurants.

By the way, in 1940, in the United States in these institutions first met 10% of couples, in 1970 — 20%, then the share did not grow. The Internet began to catch up with competitors in 2000 — 10%. And caught up in 2010- 20%. Then the indicators of catering began to plummet, and the Internet as rapidly.

Momentum global business of Internet Dating is very large — $4.6 billion.

Match Group, which owns Tinder (she has 3.8 million paid subscribers — absolute leadership in America), received the last year income of $1.3 billion.

Problem online Dating if all their mass is that many requests are left without attention. Chinese specialized service Tаntan notes that men are showing interest in 60% of women represented on the Internet as a potential partner, and women only 6% men.

Here, however, should take into account the specific demographic situation in the country. The policy of “one family — one child”, coupled with the spread of ultrasound has led to the fact that Chinese women are reminded of the tradition that the appearance of the girls in the family actually undesirable. A pregnant Chinese woman, seeing that waits for the girl, went to have an abortion — sought to only child was a boy. And currently in the country there is a giant bias: men age of marriage much more than women. Naturally, the latter are extremely picky.

In General, however, Dating over the Internet can be considered a good idea in a public sense.

In the US, sociologists have found that marriages as a result of such Dating is more durable and similar couples more happy.

It is worth saying that in the US to mass spread of the Internet, the divorce rate grew rapidly, and now dropping fast.

Another plus — the Internet allows us to overcome traditional barriers in Dating.

Dramatically increased the number of marriages contracted by members of different races.

Critics, however, noted that the growing practice of Internet Dating increases the financial divide in society. Technology simplifies the search of the partner in the cases when the main criterion is similar to the level of income. Anyway, for the usual matrimonial Agency had fallen on hard times. If there is an opportunity to find a perfect pair on the Internet, it is logical to pay someone who this opportunity is provided by the Dating service via the Internet.

On the profile market, there is a marked concentration: the advantage, of course, have large resources and large databases provided willing to meet you.