“The bear was driven off by clapping”. Three weeks in the woods without food, water and weapons

“The bear was driven off by clapping”. Three weeks in the woods without food, water and weapons

Ate berries, drank water from swamps, divided blueberry meadow with a bear — about a bad fishing teacher of the Murmansk region will remember for a long time. He was lost and twenty-four days he wandered in the Vologda swamps, without food, warm clothes, tents, matches.


MOSCOW, 2 sen — RIA Novosti, Anastasia Gadinsky. When Sergey Golubyatnikov appeared on the doorstep, his legs were covered with wounds, he lost twenty pounds. Rescuers warn that in the mushroom season in forests every day lost more than a hundred people. RIA Novosti talked to those who were able to get out of trouble after a long time.

“Licking the dew from the leaves”

The ninth of July this year, the teacher Sergey Golubyatnikov, together with a friend, we went fishing in the Vologda region to the river of ratza. During the rafting partner Sergei fell into the water and got wet. Decided to stop at the Bank near the fishing hut to dry.

“When we went into the room, it turned out that a friend forgot in the boat of cigarettes. Asked me to run and pick them up. It seems to be a hut stood near the shore, and in the forest I well-versed, says pigeon. But in the fog to find the way back was not easy. A few hours later I was circling, I thought about the house, and eventually went completely the other way and got lost in the local swamps”.

Sergei recalls: when it was getting dark, he panicked. He was struggling to scream, to call for help. After all, a fisherman was not even a lighter and a pocket knife.

“I was dressed quite easily in camouflage hunting suit underneath shirt, legs — rubber boots — describes Golubyatnikov. — In his pocket groped mobile phone, but he was absolutely useless as the day before, the battery is empty. The only thing that helped me to keep the cream from insects, which I found in his pocket.”

Several hours he wandered through the swamps, sinking knee-deep in a viscous liquid. When it got dark finally, I realized that you have to settle in for the night. “Mangled spruce spruce branches, found more or less dry spot on the hill under the tree. Part of the branches laid as bedding, the rest was covered. So I slept for the next 24 nights”, says Rybak.

Sergei knew how much time was lost in the Vologda forests, he made notches on the housing of the mobile phone. Pretty quickly realized — in the middle of nowhere will find it unlikely, it is necessary to hope only on themselves. Then he developed a plan to return home.

I knew in the 1970s, these marshes are going to drain, which dug drainage ditches, — says Sergey. They led to the river, and in its direction, you can go to the village. So in the end what happened. The only way this took me almost a month.Sergey Golubyatnikov

All this time the pigeon ate some berries the days were dry, mushrooms in the forest. One day he tried to eat the kidneys, but they were bitter. Another time in the swamp found similar to sorrel herb, however, had only one “lunch”.

“Sometimes I went to dry land, where for two days couldn’t find water. Then licked the dew from the leaves. Also saved the berries: put two or three pieces in his mouth, chewed them and not so dry” — said Golubyatnikov.

Blueberry and cloudberry Sergei collected in store in a cellophane wrapper from a cigarette pack. The second shell is adapted as a glass — filled them with water. In one of the first days I tried to kindle a fire by rubbing sticks together. But never made a spark. Failed to light a bark with the help of glass glasses.