Saratov Minister resigned after a trip with a drunk employee on a company car

Saratov Minister resigned after a trip with a drunk employee on a company car

SARATOV, on may 30. /TASS/. The Saratov region Governor accepted the resignation of Finance Minister Alexander Vyskrebentsev after reports that he was driving after hours on a company car, at the wheel which was the drunk employee of the district administration. About TASS said the press Secretary of the Governor of Nina Popova.

Earlier media reported that in Saratov the traffic police detained the car, owned by budget organizations. Driving the car was the girl who was presented with employee of the administration, Minister Alexander Vyskrebentsev allegedly slept in the car on the back seat. According to the Moi, may 25 at 5:30 by the traffic police in the city of Saratov were stopped car Suzuki, car driver a citizen born in 1994 refused to undergo a medical examination. It was made the administrative Protocol under article 12.26 of the administrative code. Currently, administrative material submitted for consideration to the court.

After that, the Governor Valery Radaev instructed to create a Commission and to conduct official investigation into the incident and Vyskrebentseva. The office of the Prosecutor of the region also began checking on the fact of use of official cars.

“By decree of the Governor from 31 may this year Finance Minister Alexander Yu Vyskrebencev dismissed at own will”, — said Popov.

She added that the duties of head of Department is entrusted to first Deputy of the Minister Gavrilov Veronica Viktorovna.