Bruce Willis is building an airport and no one knows why

Bruce Willis is building an airport and no one knows why

If you were famous and was in a couple of hundred million dollars, how would not want to have not only his own plane, but an airport? For example, the American actor Bruce Willis has decided to do just that. But this construction raises a lot of questions…

As it became known to the American journalists, Bruce die hard Willis is building an airport in Central Idaho. It will be called Soldier Field (apparently in honor of the football stadium “Soldier field” in Chicago), and it will be located ten miles East of the town of Fairfield with a population of 416 people. See for yourself what this place is:

But if Bruce Willis wanted to build a airport somewhere in the wilderness in the North-West of the country, then let them build, isn’t it? However, the project was much bigger than expected. For example, the runway of the airport will reach 2.6 kilometers in length and 30 meters in width, enough to service most commercial Airliners. As expected, the band will make out of concrete.

According to documents filed with the Federal office of civil aviation USA (FAA), the airport will be able to take at least 20 passenger aircraft at the same time and its capacity will be about 500 aircraft of various types per month.

For Idaho this is still an unprecedented scale of air travel. Why?! There is an assumption that once a personal airport Willis will become public. For some reason.

And while Bruce will have to solve some problems with the designation of land as part of the runway will be located in the zone of AG-5, which is agricultural. In addition, local residents of Fairfield, learning about the plans of the actor who quickly amassed a core group which opposes the construction of a major airport in such a quiet place. The actor also plans not commented.