Ikigai: the Japanese secret to a long happy and healthy life

Ikigai: the Japanese secret to a long happy and healthy life

You want to be happy? And to live long and be healthy? If you answered “Yes”, then you need to find your ikigai: the ancient Japanese way to find a reason to rise in the morning out of bed and look for happiness in life.

Know why you get up in the morning out of bed?

If you can answer this question, then you have found your “ikigai”. It is a Japanese term that, quite possibly, carries the secrets of happiness, long life and health.

“You live because there is ikigai, says Japanese neuroscientist and author of “Ikigai: the meaning of life in Japanese” Ken Mogi. Is the reason you get up in the morning”.

In fact, the simple translation of this ancient Japanese concept, but the explanation Can is as accurate as possible.

This concept appeared on the Okinawa group of Islands South of Japan, which, among other things, known for its high percentage of people who are over 100 years old.

Many believe that the secret of their longevity — in ikigai.

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This concept is widespread in other parts of Japan, as evidenced for example Can. Now ikigai began to spread around the world.

Mogi believes that it is important to find activities that I enjoy and give pleasure, because they make the life meaningful and help you understand what you need from her.

Ikigai is also closely connected with your life energy.

“Ikigai is happiness, the essence of which is that you always have something to do,” says Francesc Miralles, written in collaboration with Hector Garcia’s book “Ikigai: the Japanese secret to a long and happy life.”

The main reason is that “if you find something that makes life worthwhile, it will move you forward and give incentive to continue,” says Mireles.

How to find your ikigai?

To begin to live according to the principles of ikigai very easy and therefore more and more people outside Japan are starting to wonder. On this topic there are more books.

“Generally speaking, we are constantly thinking about success and set ourselves a great goal, what course of life becomes frightening,” says Mogi.

But ikigai you can start small. Anyone can start with something simple, affordable, and then to feel the joy and the benefits that it brings, gradually moving on to more significant targets.Ken MagyarhomorogWhat gives us pleasure.

“We need to come to it on their own, says Mogi. — Start from scratch, look at yourself in the mirror: what you represent as a person?”.

“It will serve as a hint. As a neuroscientist I know something that gives us pleasure is part of our human nature,” says Mogi.

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Go to the next step ikigai is not so simple.

But Mirales there are a number of ideas that can help: “If you don’t really understand what you want from life, to start making a list of what you need in what situations you feel uncomfortable or sad, what kind of actions and deeds would like to avoid”.

Since crossing out the unnecessary, you can determine which actions you enjoy.

“You can come to the conclusion that many of the things that give you joy: study, gardening, helping people, solving problems, playing music… or selling something, speaking.”

So whatever you like.

Morales recognizes that many people are not so easy to find your ikigai.

“We have all met people who from childhood know what they want in life, but it is also true that most of us didn’t know who we want to be when you grow up,” he says.