Why to rest in October as profitable and extend your vacation? Legal advice

Why to rest in October as profitable and extend your vacation? Legal advice

What months to relax more profitable? What to do if you get sick on vacation? How is it possible to share a vacation?

On questions of readers “AIF” replied the expert in employment law, partner of the law firm Yuri Starodumov.

Whether vacation for 3 days?

I need in June to take a vacation for 3 days, and the chief says so, it is necessary to take at least two weeks. Is he right? N. Rodionov, Samara.

— Indeed, one of the parts of the holiday must be not less than 14 days. It is stated in article 125 of the Labour code of the Russian Federation. But the remaining part can spend as you like, the main thing — to coordinate this with the employer. Take at least 1 day, at least 3. If you take 5 working days from Monday to Friday through the weekend will be able to relax for 9 days. If during the holidays fall holidays or vacation are not included.

Went on vacation and got sick. Can I extend the stay? N. Larionov, Kursk region

— If a person is sick during paid annual leave, this leave must be extended or transferred to another date. But for this you must give your employer proof that was sick, that is, bring on the sick list.

When taking a vacation is beneficial and when not? G. Shokhin, Tver.

— Holiday pay calculated this: take your salary over the last 12 months and calculated the average daily earnings. Then this figure is multiplied by the number of vacation days. If you recently got a raise, it makes sense to work longer to get more vacation. If the income is, by contrast, fell, better hurry with the release. The economically profitable and unprofitable months for rest, they depend on the ratio of holidays and working days. The more weekends in the month, so it is less profitable. Traditionally it is January and may. People who try to take holidays during these months, more rest, but losing money. But the best holiday in 2018, you can call August and October. In these months the largest number of working days — 23.

Can the rest to replace the money?

Got a job in December last year, then had a 3 month probation period. If I can do this summer to go on vacation and what will be considered my vacation? O. Kononenko, Izhevsk.

— Entitlement to leave arises 6 months after continuous work for one employer. Probationary period this period is also included. That is the vacation you will be able to take in June. Another thing is if you are in a schedule which must be approved two weeks before the end of the calendar year, i.e. in mid-December. The order of the holiday season among work colleagues is determined in accordance with this schedule. But about the time of beginning leave, the employee shall be notified against signature not later than 2 weeks before it starts. If warned too late or not timely paid holiday, the employee may opt to relax during this period and to transfer legal holiday for another time.

Want two weeks of vacation to use, but for the rest to get the money to pay off debts. Can I do that? E. Dudorova, Omsk.

— To compensate for the money only part of the leave exceeding 28 calendar days. That is, it applies only to professors, doctors, residents of Northern regions, civil servants, prosecutors, judges and other employees having extended holiday. If the basic holiday is 28 days, to replace part of compensation will not work. Thus the law protects and defends the human right to annual holidays, which is a must in order to maintain health.