How birds survived the fall of the asteroid

How birds survived the fall of the asteroid

The ancestors of modern birds could survive the fall to the Ground is detrimental to the animal world of the asteroid, living in the land that is left of the forests.

A new theory, based on the study of fossilized plants and ornithological data base, helps us to understand how birds spread across the globe.

The asteroid that struck the Earth 66 million years ago destroyed most of the forests.

But those types of birds that lived on earth managed to survive and, when the vegetation recovered, mastered, and other habitat.

“It seems obvious that birds of a relatively small size, able to survive in a world where there are no trees, would have received great advantage in terms of survival after an asteroid strike,” — said the scientist of the Center for the evolution of Milner University of Bath Daniel field.

We already know that the early ancestors of modern birds may know how to fly and was relatively small in size.

Scientists have collected data about the ecology of the planet to better understand how these bird-like ancestors managed to avoid extinction during a particularly dark period of history of our planet.