The Russians called Hobbies

The Russians called Hobbies

MOSCOW, may 24 — RIA Novosti. The Russians are watching TV the most enjoyable experience, according to a survey by “Levada-center”.

In April, residents of Russia asked about the lessons that bring them the most pleasure. A favorite pastime of the respondents cited watching TV, making money and family leisure.

Researchers polled 1,600 adult Russians in 52 regions of the country.

The interests the respondents were divided by age, level of education and income.

The youth enjoys listening to music (39%), leisure with a loved one (38%) and travel (33%).

Russians at the age from 30 to 49 years old prefer to spend time with family and children and enjoy a nice income. More senior respondents admitted that like to watch TV and spend time in the garden (about 35%).

Interviewed men said that love to eat (31%) and watching TV (33%). Every fourth Respondent also admitted to a passion for fishing and hunting. Women in their free time prefer to watch TV (35%), cook (33%) and to deal with children (31%).

Leisure educated Russians with a more stable financial situation are more diverse: in their free time they travel, play sports and shopping.

The researchers also found that Moscow residents most often go to the shops, drink in company and travel. Living in small towns, the Russians, on the contrary, prefer a more casual pursuits, like work in the garden or family fun.