Star Instagram Baba Valya: in 86 years so many stories have accumulated!

Star Instagram Baba Valya: in 86 years so many stories have accumulated!

Grandmother instablogs Valentina Kuleshova tinkering with great-granddaughters, bake buns, discusses in Instagram news, politics, and the summer together with the subscribers grows 800 grams tomatoes-“crown princes”.

Good afternoon everyone! My name is Valentina, I am 85 years old and today is my debut in instagram. The granddaughter told me about Dagny Karlsson, the oldest blogger of Sweden, her 101 years, so I decided to try it. Next I will tell a little about yourself and your new life in Krasnodar, and about the great-granddaughters, leisure, growing tomatoes, and more.

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Passion grandmother started blogging last fall, when Valentina with his entire family moved from Ukraine to Russia. Granddaughter, seeing that grandma is not lack of communication, asked her to record and upload the story she loves to tell about how she had buried Stalin. Who knew then how it would turn out.

A cure for old age

“When Stalin died, I was in my third year at the Moscow Institute of national economy after Plekhanov. The radio said: “the Health of comrade Stalin, is deteriorating.” We almost did — professors, associate professors could stop in the middle of a lecture. Stalin for the country — it was all in the Institute, even the subject was “the Economic laws of Stalin.”

In the hall of columns to bury Stalin rushed from the half of the Institute. Streets are small, narrow, a lot of people on all sides are under pressure… Across the street and trolley set, and mounted police were, but what was going on there! People from other regions on the roof of the trains went to bid farewell to comrade Stalin.Valentina Kuleshova

It tells about Stalin’s value, about how managed a group of 200 people at a private Ural plant, with pride, about family, about love… And all this always with expressive intonation, gestures, appropriate facial expressions. Ask: do you want, Valentina, in her youth an actress to be, as Tolkunova would be? “Valya Tolkunova good she was, Yes… But I have dreams to become an artist was not thought of glory would never come” — is responsible.

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For example the Russian grandmother-blogger was Swedish Dagny Larson, which is almost 20 years her senior. Exactly Dagny her a year ago cited the example of the granddaughter Katia: “There is blogger, which is 101 years old and you’re 85!”.

“My parents lived a long time, and her husband. And I don’t feel that I, as the old grandmother should be somewhere in the area to sit and sit there. And I understand that I have a story to tell: over 86 years many accumulated! And traveled around the country, and the problem was, and it was fun” — shrugs Valentina.

No less of an inspiration she was presented subscribers in the form of words of encouragement, similar stories from the lives of his family, interest — “what happened?”. For six months the profile “Memos grandmother Wali” scored more than 40 thousand subscribers.

“About buns I do not write”

Grandmother-blogger with her daughter and son-in-law lives in a townhouse in the suburbs of Krasnodar. The spacious kitchen is light, the smell of buns and the Kuban steppe by the wind. In the room, Newspapers, books, and TV that Valentina can watch late into the night while there are programs about politics.

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“I can’t do without politics, for me it’s like bread. When I graduated, I was assigned to the plant to the mailbox (in Soviet times, cities with secret enterprises had no names, only the mailbox number — approx. TASS) — now this is an open Kamensk-Uralsky metallurgical plant (KUMZ). The Dean recommended me for the authoritative position, the team was 200 people. Not knowing what country he lives, you can’t lead this team, and I political meetings held in the district to class she went. And hence the desire: I need to be aware of what is happening in the country,” she explained.

The special value of Instagram was acquired for Valentina Alexeyevna when she found out that there account of the President of Russia Vladimir Putin. Despite the fact that the last 30 years she lived in Ukraine, where after his daughter and her husband moved once from the Urals, after the collapse of the Soviet Union was keenly interested in news from the Motherland, and sincerely respects the Russian President.

Was made by Putin before the meeting of the Federation — how about it not to write? Only wrote my opinion — immediately comments: half against me, half for. So, it is necessary to respond to those who are against it, it’s very interesting! Than they justify their position, just writing? All it should consider.

Despite the strong statement: “Every day in the country something is happening, so the buns I don’t write!” — the buns, the cakes, the cheesecakes and other culinary secrets of the grandmother Valya subscribers also talks. The more buns family recipe baked another mother Valentiny Alekseevny, and before that the grandma, and the main thing here is to properly knead the dough and roll beautiful roses.

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“When you work on it. Now bake often, helps daughter, granddaughter, great-granddaughter. But to write something baked, no desire. On the other hand, any woman still feeds the family, always trying to the first, the second something better to choose, and pastries — that’s very interesting.

A lot asked how to bake a real Easter cake. There is also the dough you need for the test, you need to knead the dough to make it rise you will need molds… Now shape — made of paper, with the bottom, and my mother and grandmother baked in metallic glasses is specially ordered them, she added.