Defense Ministry: no SAM the Armed forces of the Russian-Ukrainian border is not crossed

Defense Ministry: no SAM the Armed forces of the Russian-Ukrainian border is not crossed

MOSCOW, may 24. /TASS/. None of the anti-aircraft missile systems Armed forces of the Russian Federation never crossed the Russian-Ukrainian border. This was stated by the Ministry of defence of the Russian Federation, commenting on the findings of the Joint investigation team to investigate the crash Boeing in the Donbass in the summer of 2014.


“We have read the statements made at the press conference today, representatives of the international investigation team to investigate the accident on 17 July 2014 in the sky of Ukraine Malaysian Boeing MH-17 — said the Agency. — Not a single anti-aircraft missile systems Armed forces of the Russian Federation the Russian – Ukrainian border never crossed”.

The Agency also reported that Russia has provided ample evidence of the involvement of Ukrainian Buk missile system to the Boeing crash.

“In cooperation with Dutch law enforcement authorities of the Russian side presented ample evidence, confirmed including full-scale tests, clearly pointing to the involvement of calculations of the Ukrainian SAM “Buk” to the destruction in the sky of Ukraine passenger “Boeing” the Netherlands,” the Ministry said.

“Moreover, the international investigation were transferred to the group of all continuous primary (raw) data obtained from the air route radar complex “Utes-T”, which is July 17, 2014, he was, while in the Rostov region, near the village of Ust-Donetsk, — said the Ministry of defense. — The approach of any aircraft object to the passenger Boeing on the East side, including from the village of Snow or Pervomayskaya, the radar is not detected”.

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The Ministry expressed its concern “about the focus of the Dutch investigation to substantiate their findings through the use of images from social networks, subjected to the skilful treatment of computational graphical editing”. “And the part is used in the briefing images, prepared by Ukrainian special services have repeatedly demonstrated pseudorelevance of Bellingcat”, — noted in the Ministry. — These fakes was disavowed and denied by the Russian experts.”

Particularly, the office drew attention to the fact that “the Dutch investigators completely ignored and rejected the testimony of the eyewitnesses from the nearby to the disaster area of the Ukrainian settlements showing the missile launch from the territory controlled by the Ukrainian armed forces.”

“Numerous witnesses of the tragedy in the sky of Ukraine is not de-identified images from social networking, and the specific people who made their statements on the record, including the representatives of the European and American media, said the Ministry. — If the international investigation team is really interested in establishing the true culprits of the catastrophe of the passenger of flight MH-17 in the sky of Ukraine, its representatives should base their statements primarily on facts and evidence, not DIY penogeneratory of Bellingcat, or SBU”.

The disaster over Donbas

Passenger plane Boeing-777 of Malaysia Airlines, carrying out flight MH-17 from Amsterdam to Kuala Lumpur, was shot down on 17 July 2014 in the Eastern Donetsk region, killing 283 passengers and 15 crew members — citizens of 10 countries. Parties to an armed conflict in the Donbas region have accused each other of involvement in the tragedy. In the Netherlands set up a Joint investigation group (SSG) to investigate the incident.

On Thursday at a press conference in the Hague the head of the national criminal police unit of the Netherlands Wilbert Paulissen said that anti-aircraft rocket launcher, which was launched missile brought down the Boeing could be imported from Russia and belong to the 53rd anti-aircraft missile brigade near Kursk.

In turn, the Dutch Prosecutor Fred vesterbeke noted that the Joint investigative group (SSG) has made significant progress in the investigation of the crash of MH-17 in Ukraine in July 2014, but not yet able to say who and why shot down the Boeing.