Kostin has called US sanctions against him is unfair

Kostin has called US sanctions against him is unfair

President-Chairman of Board VTB Alexey Kostin called “unfair” sanctions imposed on it by U.S. authorities. About it the banker said in an interview with CNBC. The interlocutor of TV channel emphasized that the latest US sanctions list, he was listed among the “officials of the Russian government” though is the “Chairman of one of the leading commercial banks”.

“I brought in the (sanctions) list among the high-ranking government officials, whom he is not. I am the Chairman of one of the leading commercial banks”, — said Kostin. He stressed that has nothing to do with the undermining of American democracy, hacker attacks or illegal activities, including in Ukraine. Such reasons Washington explained the restrictions.

“All the banking community around the world knows me as a banker,” added Kostin. He said that Russian companies targeted by sanctions, account for about 2% of the assets of VTB. “Of course, it will affect us to a certain extent, but we should observe what will happen next, since there is a discussion of the possible lifting of sanctions against UC Rusal and other companies until the situation presents a huge problem for us,” he concluded.