Bild called insult Putin presented Merkel with a bouquet of flowers

Bild called insult Putin presented Merkel with a bouquet of flowers

Journalists of the German newspaper Bild was offensive that the President of Russia Vladimir Putin presented a bouquet of flowers to German Chancellor Angela Merkel.

In the article entitled “Why the bouquet Putin to Merkel is an insult” journalists called the meeting of the two heads of state “diplomatic duel”.

According to journalists, the meeting looked like a work visit, but it was the “exchange of blows”, which began immediately on the threshold of Sochi residence Bocharov Stream. Filed Putin bouquet “looks like a common courtesy, but in fact it is an insult”, says the article.

According to the author of the text, politicians such as Putin and Merkel at the meeting must shake hands with each other, not to give bouquets. Flowers noted in the article, I needed to remind Merkel that she is a woman.

Bild on the eve of the released material, which have criticized Merkel’s visit to Sochi, stating that at that meeting, Putin managed to show her that he is the host of on the world political arena.

On Friday, may 18, Vladimir Putin met in Sochi residence Bocharov Stream German Chancellor Angela Merkel and gave her a bouquet of flowers. At the meeting, in particular, discussed the “Nord stream — 2”. Putin said he believes the project is beneficial and intends to fight for it. In turn, Merkel suggested that to consider the guarantees of gas transit through the territory of Ukraine.