“Trailer of shame”. In Chinese cinemas showed the Dodgers

“Trailer of shame”. In Chinese cinemas showed the Dodgers

This measure was approved by the court.

The cinema network of the city of Chengdu in Sichuan province, the audience saw before the film, a very unusual animated trailer. He was devoted to the so-called “laolais” (a derogatory word, which referred to people not paying loans). At the end of the cartoon the audience was shown photographs and passport details of the 26 local residents who have taken large sums in the Bank and now refuse to repay the debt.

Chinese court shames residents who refuse to pay off their debts by showing their faces in a cinema trailer https://t.co/jauEq79RSd

— Daily Mail Online (@MailOnline) May 18, 2018

Such a humiliating video daily demonstrated in cinemas before 30 movies.

“Pay, and the courts have removed your name from the blacklist”, — is spoken in the video.

By the way is not the only measure that should “motivate” the borrowers to repay the loans. Their faces and names adorn the posters in buses and on billboards in Central areas of the city.

In August 2017, Hubei province, Henan and Jiangsu have also been working with mobile operators to make pre-recorded messages at the phone numbers of debtors.

When someone calls one of the debtors, he hears a message that the called subscriber is in the black list for failing to pay off debts.

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