The habit of stay up late can lead to mental illness

The habit of stay up late can lead to mental illness

Scientists from the University of Glasgow (Scotland) found that late bedtimes lead to the emergence of multiple sclerosis and Alzheimer’s disease. The research of experts published in the Lancet.

Specialists conducted inter-group attitudes 91105 study participants aged 37 to 73 years.

The activity of respondents was recorded wrist bracelets. Data obtained from the bracelets that allowed us to calculate the cycle of wakefulness and sleep people.

It was found that each 25 participant was observed decreased activity of the day and increased at night.

After reviewing the medical data of all the respondents, the researchers found that in this category, the risk of bipolar disorder was 11% higher than those who sleep on the regime.

In addition, 6% were prone to depression and often felt a sense of loneliness.

“This category of respondents often resorted to the night activities — in particular, viewing posts on social networks on a smartphone. Thus malfunctions of the biorhythm of wakefulness and sleep, leading to mental health disorders”, — quotes the Independent words of one of the authors of the study Daniel Smith.

Scientists said that the brain perceives the light from the gadgets both day and cease to allocate melatonin. To combat the problem, according to experts, will help high activity during the day and rest at night.