In Russia found living below the poverty line of deputies

In Russia found living below the poverty line of deputies

From deputies of regional legislative assemblies in 2017 68 lived below the poverty line. According to their declarations, the income of these deputies was below the annual living wage. RBC reports that analysed the income declarations of regional parliamentarians.

Thus 14 deputies declared zero income, most of these parliamentarians were in North Ossetia — four. Overall, the lowest average incomes recorded a Deputy in the legislative Assembly of Ingushetia (about million), the legislative Assembly of Kalmykia Republic (1.3 million rubles), Karachay-Cherkessia and the Republic of Altai (1.6 million), as well as in the legislative Assembly of the Republic of Tuva (1.8 million rubles).

Most of the deputies with incomes below the poverty line in the legislative Assembly of Kabardino-Balkaria — seven people — and in North Ossetia — five people. Some are owned a lot of real estate meets the RBC. The publication asked several parliamentarians about the authenticity of these declarations information, but received no response.

The highest average income in 2017 was the deputies of the legislative Assembly of Kamchatka Krai (121,3 million roubles), of the Parliament of the Magadan region (85,8 million), legislative Assembly of Chelyabinsk (76.5 million rubles) and Kurgan (60,4 million roubles) areas. Also high amounts of deputies of the Jewish Autonomous region — for the year of about 59.6 million rubles.