A report from social media: Putin has passed on the Crimean bridge on the “KAMAZ”

A report from social media: Putin has passed on the Crimean bridge on the “KAMAZ”

May 15, Vladimir Putin participated in the opening ceremony of the Crimean bridge. The President of Russia passed through it driving the construction of “KAMAZ”, and social networks, of course, could not leave this event without attention.

I don’t know who these people are, but the driver they have Putin pic.twitter.com/1ymjSoqeJT

— max of Mesquite prorodeo and resistol arena (@bulch) may 15, 2018.

Why wasn’t there the Crimean bridge??? pic.twitter.com/ZQXm9rVZAm

— Adam IZ Goi (@JaSika12) may 15, 2018.

Putin behind the wheel of a “KAMAZ” at the head of a convoy of trucks crosses the Gulf of Kerch on the Crimean bridge pic.twitter.com/EKIUCktanc

— Nicotine with Eyebrows (@Yoghikitt) may 15, 2018.

Users of social networks also wondered whether the President’s driver’s license for management of “KAMAZ”.

Uh, and where Putin the right to drive the truck?

La Russie parle (@Russia_calls) may 15, 2018.

Sands on whether Putin is the right to control the truck: license category With the President has. They were received by it for a long time, about twenty years ago

— Putin today (@Putintoday_ru) may 15, 2018.

Most jokes were about the similarities of the frame of the truck cab with the series “Truckers”.


— XS (@RPcreator) May 15, 2018


News. As is (@nourlnews) may 15, 2018.

“Quiet light of my soul”

Come on, fucking hell! pic.twitter.com/YhBGYT6W83

News. As is (@nourlnews) may 15, 2018.

When you’re the President, but in the middle of the evening lights and beeps of machines hurtling silent light of your soul! pic.twitter.com/rSv6vVzRSp

— always do! (@romandos) May 15, 2018

“Chase, Sasha, whip, fucking hell” pic.twitter.com/r33TEFzHJJ

— Max Allanazarov (@KyKyPyKy22) may 15, 2018.