Users of Chrome and Firefox attacked by a dangerous virus

Users of Chrome and Firefox attacked by a dangerous virus

Researchers from the company Proofpoint has discovered a new malware called Vega Stealer that targets users of Google Chrome and Firefox. The specialists said on its website.

According to security experts, with the help of the new virus hackers steal account credentials and payment information: stored credit card profiles in social networks and cookies stored in browsers. In addition, the malware makes screenshots of the system and scans all files with extensions .doc .docx, .txt, .rtf, .xls, .xlsx, and .pdf.

Currently, the virus is used to infect devices managed by the representatives of the business: marketing, advertising, public relations, retail and manufacturing.

In this case, the hackers used standard phishing campaign to distribute the software. They send e-mails with the subjects “Requires the developer to the online shop”, and send personalized messages to individual businesses. The letters also contain an attachment titled brief.doc in which malicious macros download Vega Stealer.

Despite the trivial method of transmission of the virus, experts fear that Vega Stealer can turn into a common threat to spread among ordinary users.

Previously, hackers managed to infect more than 100 thousand computers that are running extensions for the Google Chrome browser, which was available in the official Chrome Web store. Threat FOR found in seven different extensions.