Lars von Trier presented at the Cannes festival a new film

Lars von Trier presented at the Cannes festival a new film

CANNES, may 15 — RIA Novosti. Danish Director Lars von Trier after a seven year break, presented at the Cannes film festival his new film “the House that Jack built”, the correspondent of RIA Novosti.

On the red carpet with the film were Matt Dillon, Shiwan Fallon, Riley Kio, Sophie Grobel and Bruno Ganz.

In 2011, Trier was declared “persona non grata” at the Cannes festival. During the press conference of his movie “Melancholia”, which participated in the main program of the competition, Trier inadvertently spoke about his sympathy for Adolf Hitler. This did not prevent the jury present the award for best actress American actress Kirsten dunst, however, badly tarnished the relationship of organizers with von Trier. Seven years later, Cannes is ready to accept the controversial Director back.

The film “the House that Jack built” tells the story of an incredibly intelligent serial killer in the 70-ies in America. The plot is based around five incidents spanning 12 years of his life. The viewer experiences the story from the point of view of Jack, for whom a murder is a delicate work of art.

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