Last season at the cottage. How to prepare for the abolition of country farms

Last season at the cottage. How to prepare for the abolition of country farms

MOSCOW — RIA Novosti. From 1 January 2019 shall come into force a law abolishing this form of ownership, as the country economy. Will only have garden and gardening non-commercial partnership (SNT and ONT).

What’s the difference and what this means for owners of country property — in the material RIA Novosti.

Common property

The most important innovation — from 2019 all owners of country stations have to pay fees for the maintenance of the common property on a par with non-commercial partnerships. Previously, individual gardeners, which concluded contracts with the partnerships for services, could refuse, for example, to pay for road maintenance on the basis that no personal car.

Now it won’t work. Contracts with truckers associations would lose its legal force from 2020.

“Individual owners of sites that are not in such organizations will now be obliged to pay contributions on a par with community members. In case of failure these funds will be charged in court”, — warns Oleg Valenchuk, the Chairman of the Union of gardeners of Russia.

The contributions are fixed in the Charter of each garden or vegetable of the partnership. The new law allows owners of garden real estate on their own to determine the principle of the formation of these contributions, making them equal either to use the progressive method by which the amount of contributions varies depending on area parcels or located on them buildings.

Experts believe that this way will be able to solve one of the eternal problems of such unions: when the money was collected, for example, on licensing water well, but in the end they had to send the payment of debts for electricity, because many owners come to the country a couple times a year and only then pay off past bills. The water is the same as the road, they don’t really need.

By the way, simplify the registration of wells for water partnership is one of the key points of the new law. In particular, the extraction of groundwater is now possible without carrying out geological exploration of mineral resources, state expertise of mineral reserves, as well as coordination and approval of technical projects for the appropriate work.

“Any wells on the territory of the garden and gardening partnerships, both public and private needs, can be used without additional state examinations and approvals before January 1, 2020, — said Oleg Valenchuk. — Then develop the simplified order of registration. Licensing is a costly and time-consuming procedure, and we convinced the government that the people need her to release”.