Under the bridge “nonsense” in Saint-Petersburg 148 stuck on “Gazelle”

Under the bridge “nonsense” in Saint-Petersburg 148 stuck on “Gazelle”

The truck “the Gazelle” could not pass under the overpass in Saint-Petersburg at the intersection of Sophia street and Lensovetovskom road, on which are placed the poster with the inscription “the Gazelle will not pass”, and known as the “bridge of stupidity.”

As noted in the Twitter-account “folly Bridge”, is a 148-I “Gazelle” crashed into the overpass. Judging by the photos, the truck lost body.

Sleep perhaps? Good for you… And woke me up! pic.twitter.com/5U6gfDKFd0

Bridge of folly (@FoolsBridge) 11 may 2018

In April it was reported that the authorities of St.-Petersburg has installed additional signs in front of this bridge. Three shields, urging drivers to pay attention to valid for travel dimensions of the machine, installed at the entrance to the overpass on the street Labor and Lensovetovskom on the road. Also in the “Mostotrest” has announced plans to fully or partially paint the bridge reflective paint.