In the Czech Republic has denied reports about the production and storage of “Newbie”

In the Czech Republic has denied reports about the production and storage of “Newbie”

PRAGUE, may 7 — RIA Novosti. Chemisette type “Beginner” in the Czech Republic was not made, was not investigated and not stockpiled, the report said the government of the Republic published on its website on Monday after meeting Prime Minister Andrew Babish with the heads of Service of information and security (SIB, counterintelligence) Michal Koudelka and military intelligence Jan Beroun.

Last Thursday, Czech President Milos Zeman during his speech at TV Barrandov stated that in November of 2017, the research Institute of the Ministry of defence in Brno were tested with a nerve poison that is classified as A-230. The number of made of poison was very small, and then it was destroyed. He cited military intelligence that synthesized the venom of A-230 is referred to as a “Newbie”. However, the Czech counterintelligence considers that the venom of the A-230 is not called “the Rookie” is the name of the poison And-234.

“In the Czech Republic has ever produced, were not studied and not stockpiled no substance the type of “Beginner”. It is stated both secret services in their reports. In Czech Republic to 2017, a program was launched, aimed at protecting military personnel and the population and protection against weapons of mass destruction. In the framework of this program was tested and the substance of the “Freshman A-230”, — stated in the message.

According to the report, in the first phase of work was carried out the microscale stuff “Novice A-230”. In the process of microscale substance has not been isolated, and this approach, according to the method of the state Administration for nuclear safety is not considered neither the production nor the creation of matter. The resulting product was immediately destroyed, and the transition to the next phase of the work was made. Style stuff “Novice A-230” is different from the substance A-234, which was used for poisoning (ex-GRU Colonel) Sergei Skripal in the UK. Both substances are different and have different chemical structure.

“The statement of the President (Zeman) this apparently is to separate the understanding of the words “production” and “testing” when the President is right that the law No. 19 of 1997 means the production of every chemical reaction, and the report of the research Institute of the Ministry of defense of the microscale is not treated as production. The defence Institute used in the media the terms “production” and “testing” different, why there was this misunderstanding”, — stated in the message of the government of the Czech Republic.